The Brand

Tim Hughes and Matt Belz have been friends for over 20 years. They met playing basketball in 6th grade under coach Johnny Cage, who they named their 1st cut of men’s denim ‘The Johnny’ after. The name of the brand, Loyal Collective, is exactly that…a collection and tribute to all of the people and events that helped them get here along the way. Many of their pieces are named after people in their lives who had a strong influence, or after a common bond between the two of them. 

 They started the brand with one cut, in two different fabrics, and have slowly but steadily found new ways to expand. Although learning to design their own jean patterns was no easy task, learning the craft was of the utmost importance. In less than 18 months from launching their company, they grew to 7 different styles of men’s bottoms, including raw denim, selvage, and chino twill, which still remain cut and sewn in the United States. Their favorite custom detail of these garments is still the hand branded leather patch. ‘It’s a great display of the teamwork it has taken to get to this point. Each patch is cut by Tim and branded at over 400 degrees with our Loyal Collective logo by Matt. It’s our way of leaving our signature on every pair.’ 

 Each garment is designed, cut and sewn in the United States, from American-made fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship. Recently, Tim and Matt decided to alter their business model and offer Loyal Collective exclusively through their online store, as they are committed to offering their brand direct to the consumer. This will keep their prices very attractive because there is NO retail markup. They went through dozens of prototypes, making the tiniest adjustments each time until perfection was achieved, and are proud to offer their designs, directly to you, the customer. Make them part of your collection.