Tim Hughes


Tim Hughes calls himself a maker…not an artist. ‘I’m more of a problem solver, and when I make things, I look at it as a puzzle when I am beginning the project.’ This comes from his background designing furniture. He believes there is an answer to almost any design hurdle, and if he stays in the room long enough, the answer will come to him eventually. ‘I set out about 5 years ago to design and build, from scrap, the majority of the furniture I own. I succeeded. But I eventually ran out of room. I look at denim design the same way. I enjoy laying out pattern pieces, and figuring out where to make adjustments to improve or change the fit.’ 

He never knew that he had an ability to make things. ‘As a kid, I just played sports and video games. I moved out to Los Angeles when I was 19, and just kinda chilled out.’ When he returned to his midwest roots after LA and a stint in Tampa, FL, he caught the design bug ’sometime in his late 20’s’. ’Suddenly I started noticing that I really cared about the aesthetics of my environment, both in what I wore, and how my apartment was furnished. I realized my tastes were basic, but very particular. I started making furniture because I could make it EXACTLY how I wanted it.’ This notion translated into designing his own denim. He contacted his best friend Matt Belz about a denim line, as Matt had worked for once legendary Rock and Republic during his time Los Angeles. In 2010, is when the two of them began to ‘dabble’ in patternmaking and sewing. After 4-5 years of part-time patternmaking, they decided to go full steam ahead and launch Loyal Collective. ‘It has been a challenge, but we enjoy making clothes that we would love to wear. I hope you enjoy our take on everyday men’s style.’