Our Mission

We’re just a two man army who have figured out what it takes to make the perfect pair of jeans. Many companies say the same thing, but what does it really mean? Premium denim, custom hardware, perfect fit…yeah we have all that, but just as important, the way that we arrived at ’the perfect jean’ is truly unique.

After 3 years of learning how to make our own patterns, taking sewing lessons at the local community college in the evening (picture 2 young males walking into that class the first night, sewing machines in hand. The instructor asked us, in front of everyone, if we were in the right place), reaching out to random people on Craigslist for help, 20+ prototypes, and countless late nights, we produced the perfect sample! We had finally made it. We were in the game. We were officially denim designers…or so we thought. What happened next was the defining moment for our company, and we weren’t even off the ground yet.

The day after Thanksgiving 2014, our 1st production order was delivered to us. With much anticipation, we started opening the boxes containing 436 pairs of our 1st and only cut, ’The Johnny’. To an amount of disappointment that is almost indescribable, we discovered that every single pair was wrong…completely unsellable. To a big company, 436 pairs is not much more than a sample run, but to us it was all we had. We didn’t have much of a relationship with the manufacturer yet, and for them to merely accept our business was a privilege to us, we were lucky to be working with them. This meant no recourse, no refund, no re-do. Being 100% self funded (no outside investors), we were staring at a huge mountain to climb again, both financially and strategically. As Mike Tyson once famously said, ‘Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth.’ This was us. It was a setback of 9 months, until we were able to ‘officially’ launch in the fall of 2015.

We prevailed. Resilience and a never-say-die attitude got us over the hump. Today, we offer several options for men’s bottoms, in slim, straight and relaxed fit, in multiple denim and chino fabric options, with more on the way. A few classic essentials and a travel bag have been thrown into the mix too, but it’s the story of the struggle, perseverance, and loyalty to the craft that we are the most proud of.

It is important that every person who wears our brand knows the story of how things came about. You can buy jeans anywhere, but what you’re getting with Loyal Collective, is a bit of resilience and spirit in every single pair. It is our mission to provide you with small batch wardrobe essentials that are cut and sewn in the United States, at an incredible price.


Thanks for Reading!